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Natural Treatment For Osteoarthritis Of The Hands That Is Safe And Effective

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Some new forms of pains such as pain after texting, pain in the neck, shoulder, arms and back due to long hour’s desktop jobs, is growingly affecting young men and women in age of 20 to 30, mostly, due to excess use of gadgets.

This is a growing epidemic caused by repetitive strain injuries. These types of complaints of tennis elbows, finger pain and carpal tunnel syndromes are normally caused by repeated work usually involving the arm or over use of the fingers. It is very common in people doing jobs such as meat packing, typing on laptops keyboards or texting on mobiles. Previously, these health conditions effected people in age of 65 but now young boys in age 14 are reporting of such pains.

Herbal Treatment For Arthritis Inflammation And Pain

The poor posture – bending forward and putting pressure on neck can cause general weakness where the shoulder and the scapular stability are reduced. Spending a lot of time in particular position and repetitive pressure on hands during texting can damage the nerve coming from spine which goes underneath the collarbone to the armpit and down to the tip of the fingers. The best ways to cure the problem is by the ways of natural treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands e.g. physical therapy, massage and yoga.

Plant extracts and herbal oils as provided by the combination of Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil provides essential oils for joints to cure such pains. Various studies on natural treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands provided by ashwagandha approve of its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving activities. In a clinical trial, 77 humans were given the herb for three times a day and more than 75 percent said they felt improvement in the symptom of arthritis. Laboratory studies on animals found ashwagandha effective in controlling the levels of hydrocortisone, which reduces the levels of swelling and prevents degenerative bone changes, and the cure by herbs was found to be more effective as compared to steroids.

Regular use of the herb Ashwagandha can prevent disability in humans caused by arthritis. It is very effective in the disease of catabolism and osteoarthrosis, while, it can cure rheumatologic condition as well. Client trials states – three month intake of Ashwagandha is able to treat pain and disability. Due to these properties it is taken to be one of the key components in the natural treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil. Oil Winter Green, one of the other ingredients of the herbal arthritis supplements, has been used since centuries by Native Americans to treat infections.

The leaves of the plant increase stamina. It is widely used for skin and hair treatment. Its application on the skin improves blood flow to the nearby tissues and cures muscle cramps, and bone pain. It can be taken to eliminate excess uric acids from blood and this is helpful in reducing joint pain. Clove oil and turmeric both are found in the hand arthritis herbal treatment and these are very effective in joint pains as it can enhance the neurological response of the tissues and muscles surrounding the joints to regulate the neuromuscular conditions.


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