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Herbal Treatment For Foot And Ankle Pain That Is Safe And Cost-Effective

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Suffering from persistent or a kind of intermitted pain in the foot, ankle, finger or toes? The pain can be dull, aching, hot, throbbing or grinding. The articular cartilage covering the foot and ankle joints makes it slip and move as desired and this is surrounded by a lining of a fluid which lubricates the cartilages to reduce friction.

Environmental factors or certain triggers can disrupt the immune system of the body to produce the chemicals which attacks the joints and causes pain. There are different types of long term treatments recommended for the condition which includes physical therapies and even surgeries.

Foot and Ankle Pain Herbal Treatment

Alternatively, almost 15 million American adults selected the methods of massage in the last years for reducing pain as there have been a number of successful cases wherein people suffering from long term arthritis, muscle and joint pains were relieved from such pains. This is a safe complementary health approach where the use of proper set of ingredients as provided by medicated massage oils can provides long term relief from pains. Herbal treatment for foot and ankle pain can repair wear and tear of cartilages cushion and prevent stiffness to promote a range of motion.

Herbal treatment for arthritis inflammation and pain involves the combination of capsules and herbal oil where the oil is empowered with a powerful set of plant parts extracts to restore tissue and nerve damage.

The regular use of the herbal cure – Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil, on painful joints increases physical and mental relaxation reducing stress, promoting a sense of well-being. A study involving 68 patients suffering from joint pain showed the use of massage was safe and was more effective as compared to standard care. The proper use of pressure on trigger points helped; while, the method of self massage could allow the patient to easily identify the trigger points.

Most long duration pains of foot and ankle joints are related to health complications such as tissue damage to the lungs, increased hardening of arteries, spinal injuries and inflammation of the blood vessels (which causes problems in the heart, nerve, skin and brain). The herbal arthritis supplements Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil offered by ayurveda helps to recover from such pains caused by various triggers including environmental factors. The herb ashwagandha – one of the components of the cure has been found to be effective in preventing persistent joint pains and this has been claimed by some leading global laboratories. Study claims it can help in improving exercise induced muscle damage and reduce pain. It has property to reduce immuno suppression caused by stress and can provide the body with anxiolytic bio compounds which are basically the anxiety reducing compounds.

Vitis Quadrangularis is another key ingredient in herbal treatment for foot and ankle pain, which has fracture healing capabilities. It contains a number of carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and triterpenoids effective in enhancing bone health. The research on the herb extract found it could stimulate production of osteoblasts and the cells of the body to help it to re grow bones. Ayurveda states it can be given to people with broken bones as it speeds up healing.


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