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Herbal Hand Osteoarthritis Treatment To Promote Joint Movement At Home

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Degenerative joint conditions e.g. osteoarthritis is affecting more than 20 million Americans in the age of 45 and above each year. Change in baby boomer age and increase in the aging population raises the need to stay healthy for long.

Joint erosion and loss of cartilage increases with age as the protein composition of body cartilages and other structures change due to age, extreme climate changes, overuse, stress, weight and ulceration, and as the bone slides on other bones, it restricts the movement of legs and hands. Hip and knee pain are increasing in people who are into jobs that require long duration sitting or standing in one position. The amplified use of gadgets increased damage to tissues of finger, knees, hands, hips, and in later stages it can cause arthritis (by overuse), deformity and loss of movement. To promote joint movement, people are going for hip surgeries, knee replacement and spine therapies.

Herbal Treatment For Arthritis Inflammation And Pain

Most adopted ways to cure the problem is to use chemical medicines, heat, cold therapies or surgery but the regular use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers cannot provide long term relief from condition as it cannot reverse the bone damage. More than one million people are hospitalized for the problem of gastro intestinal issues, which are, basically, NSAIDs induced gastrointestinal conditions, while, more than 15,000 die of such conditions. Normally, the condition of arthritis was linked to continuous wear and tear of the bones caused by aging and external factors. It was believed that all people who live longer suffer from such kind of joint problems and the situation cannot be reversed. But recent studies in the field find the problem happens in people who are too much metabolically active and the damaged cartilages can be repaired or removed by ayurvedic methods – osteoarthritis of the hands herbal treatment e.g. Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil.

Vitis Quadrangularis studies states it can boost the production of osteocalcin. It contains nutrients for bone building. The bio components work to boost adiponectin which is linked to the production of white adipose tissues. It enhances the flow of insulin and also cures cardio vascular inflammation. The herbal hand osteoarthritis treatment offered by the herbal arthritis supplements enhance metabolism where it can heal the lining of the digestive tract, increase defense provided by the antioxidants, regulate bacterial imbalance and reduce inflammation in general. The herb reduces the free radical damage induced by LPS to promote joint movement and the method is helpful in reducing joint pain in overweight people. Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil reduce inflammatory nitric oxides and provide protective cover to the liver to prevent damage through toxins.

Studies state the use of herbs can increase serum phosphorus and calcium levels. The bio components in the herbal hand osteoarthritis treatment can provide easy ways to heal jaw bone fracture. One of the best ways to increase moisture content and elasticity is massage with herbal oil, which gives the method to provide bio ingredients to the skin structures and internal tissues to improve immunity, improve functions, reduce stress and provide relaxation from fatigue, pain, stiffness and depression.


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