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Natural Supplements To Ease Acidity And Get Relief From Digestive Disorders

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Burning pain around the breastbone is mostly a sign of acidity due to hot and spicy foods, but it can be triggered by factors such as emotions – anger, anxiety, and fear, or due to improper sleeping or sitting positions.

The problem of GERD involves the lower esophageal sphincter and the foods where the acidic juice in the stomach goes back to esophagus as it passes through the muscle, which opens and closes the passage. The problem of acidity is under the control of certain nerves and sometimes, the intake of foods or medicines can signal the change in function of the muscle through the nerve.

Acidity Relief Herbal Treatment

Overweight people and smokers are more likely to suffer from the problems. Taking certain medicines (e.g. painkillers) can irritate the stomach lining and this can worsen the condition. Some suffer from the problem of Eosinophilic esophagitis – the condition linked to allergic reactions, which causes inflammation, and the person may feel food or pills sticking in the food pipe. If the problem remains untreated, it causes narrowing of the food pipe and may cause difficulty in swallowing even drinks. Many a times the problem starts with an emotional reaction or stress where the person suffers from restlessness, stiffness of muscles of the shoulders or neck, and headaches and nausea. In such conditions – relaxation techniques e.g. listening to music and meditation are recommended to get relief from digestive disorders.

Ajwain or carom seeds, one of the key components in natural supplements to ease acidity e.g. Herbozyme capsules can be taken for the condition. It has many medicinal advantages. This herbal digestive aid supplement is used for antibacterial and antifungal properties. It works as analgesic where it can cure neuropathic feet burn and work as anti-inflammatory. The seeds are used for detoxification and hepato-protective effects. It is used as digestive stimulant where it can increase the secretions of gastric acid and reduce food transit time in the digestive tract. It contains enzymes which have modulatory effects and this reinforces the pancreatic lipase and has amylase effect. It can reduce lesions in the digestive tract and the raw seeds can cure abdominal discomfort. It relives gas and bloating and can enhance immunity. The seeds possess properties to relieve flatulence and cure spasmodic disorders to get relief from digestive disorders. It cures colic pain and inflammation.

Hing or asafetida in Herbozyme capsules increases the breakdown of the foods- fats, starches and proteins and can attenuate its absorption into the digestive tract to prevent obesity. Its regular intake can prevent flatulence and expel wind from the stomach. Its intake increases stress handling and reduces lipid peroxidation.

Sat Podina in the natural supplements to ease acidity reduces pain in the condition of irritable bowel syndrome and supports muscle relaxation in the stomach and the intestinal tract. This herbal acidity relief cure can reduce heartburn and acidic stomach conditions as it contains bio-chemicals to relax cells of the gastrointestinal path and this happens through the calcium inhibiting properties. The tests on healthy humans show the intake of the herb increases gastric emptying and prevents the condition of acid reflux. It has relaxing effects in the muscles of colon as well.


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