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Natural Constipation Treatment To Regularize Bowel Movements Effectively

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Low fiber diet, insufficient water intake, lack of physical work or restricted movement, avoiding the urge to go to toilet, intake of certain medications, age, illness, and changes in eating habits can cause constipation.

People suffering from irritable bowel movement, endocrine disorders (hypothyroidism, diabetes etc.), and diseases of the central nervous system, anal fissures or slow transit problem where the bowel pacemaker is slow – may continually suffer from constipation. Digestive distress can cause disruption in bowel movement leading to diarrhea and then constipation; this contributes to nerve damage in the intestinal tract leading to loss of sensation for emptying. This causes disorders of the anal sphincter muscles and enlarged hemorrhoids and this can also result in inflammatory bowel diseases.

Hard Bowel Movements Remedy

The whole life the person either suffers from diarrhea or constipation due to such disruption in the bowel movement. Such combination of impaired colonic transit can be seen in diabetic people who mostly suffer from the disorder of defecation. Some suffer from constipation due to stress, whereas, the problem of slow transit due to such conditions and nerve problems can be restored by taking natural constipation treatment.

To regularize bowel movements herbal remedies contain laxatives and metabolic enhancer and one of the popular remedies Arozyme capsules contain a combination of such herbs. Terminalia Chebula, one of the ingredients in the stomach acidity treatment, has anti-oxidants which have ability to prevent gamma radiation induced lipid peroxidation in the liver microsomes and liver mitochondria of laboratory rats. It can protect cellular organelles from radiation induced damage. In Ayurveda, it is accredited for laxative and astringent properties. It is antimicrobial, diuretic and anti-mutagenic in nature. It is widely used for gastrointestinal motility.

The study on laboratory rats found its intake increased gastric emptying in 86 percent of cases and it is also effective in promoting relaxation from spontaneous contraction due to diarrhea. This was tested on laboratory animals where the shift in acetylcholine curves was observed on taking the herb, while, in rodents castor oil induced diarrhea was mediated by taking the herb extract. Stomach ulceration was also tested on rats where the intake of the herb accelerated auto healing.

Gardenia Gummifera is another natural constipation treatment which is hepato protective and provides protection from infections in internal wounds inside the digestive tract. It is suppressor of imbalance of the vata and kapha element in body. It can improves peristaltic movement and normalize digestion. Cassia Angustifolia, one of the herbs in the cure, is widely used for dieting and constipation as it can stimulates peristalsis in the colon and also alters absorption and secretions to cause fluid release to regularize bowel movements.

Ptychotis Ajowan is widely used to treat indigestion, flatulence, and antiseptic and can treat cholera. This constipation herbal remedy aids weight loss and it contains bio chemicals and thymol as essential oil which can cure a number of gastro intestinal disorders. Traditionally the water extract of the herb was used to cure ulcers and to protect gastric ulcers in mice. This is used in ayurveda along with Zingiber Officinale to treat hyperacidity and indigestion and can be found in the natural constipation treatment Arozyme capsules.


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