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Herbal Cure For Low Hemoglobin To Get Rid Of Iron Deficiency Naturally

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Low number of red blood cells indicate anemia which can happen due to reasons – iron deficiency, treatment (radiation, chemotherapy, medication etc.), side effect of chronic health condition, or it can happen due to deficiency of vitamin B (vitamin B 12 and iron together).

There are other factors such as inherited genetic condition, internal blood loss or injuries, destruction of reduces blood cells and insufficient production of blood cells in body due to the above mentioned factors. The problem makes the heart work harder to pump the blood and causes general weakness. Feeling cold, abnormal heartbeat, numbness and dizziness are other symptoms of the condition. One needs to take a good amount of iron rich food and antioxidants to get rid of iron deficiency.

Prevent Iron Deficiency

Herbal cure for low hemoglobin – Herboglobin capsules contain bio sources of iron such as Sudh Shilajit – which contains a set of bio available minerals and fulvic acid to prevent nutritional deficiencies in body. This herbal treatment for low hemoglobin contains a number of minerals and is called the nutritional powerhouse containing ionic minerals, phyto nutrients and a range of enzymes to nourish the body tissues and get rid of weakness due to anemia. It enhances metabolism to prevent deficiency in condition when the person is taking a full diet but the digestive system is weak.

Crocus Sativus one of the herbs in the capsules provides antioxidants to the body. It is rich in carotenoids and antioxidants. It is rich in minerals e.g. iron, selenium, magnesium and zinc and also contains folate, riboflavin and pyridoxine which make the body work efficiently to promote nerve and muscle functions. It can reduce blood pressure and improve movement of fluids in body. It contains magnesium which enhances the absorption of calcium in body.

Onosma Bracteatum leave extract is used for the preparation of the herbal cure for low hemoglobin as the leaves are rich in bio components and minerals – supindine viridi?orate and ycopsamine, calcium and potassium. The seeds are rich in linoleic acid and proteins. It is widely used in ayurvedic remedies for treating heart related problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It has anti-diarrheal properties where it can be taken to improve metabolic functions.

Withania Somnifera, one of the ingredients in the hemoglobin enhancer pills, is used to get rid of iron deficiency and can prevent mineral accumulation in the blood vessels and tissues to avert mineral overload condition. It was tested in laboratory on rats where the herb was able to reduce cadmium bioaccumulation in liver by 81 percent and kidneys by 55 percent. The changes in oxidative stress could provide mechanism to completely remove mineral depositions in the body. Further, the herb enhanced longevity as it was able to down regulate the fibroblast of cells which showed the intake of the herb was able to increase the cell lifespan and prevent molecule damage up to 20 percent.

Lactuca Serriola is another ingredient in the herbal cure for low hemoglobin – Herboglobin capsules which is widely used for gastrointestinal disorder and for respiratory conditions as it improves metabolic functions to prevent deficiencies of minerals in body.


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