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Joint pain can be a severe painful condition accompanied by flu like symptoms. The pain can cause inflammation of muscles, and make one feel sick. The commonest causes for such kind of chronic pain are fibromyalgia.

Other reasons include the neuropathic pain caused by damage to nerves and this also causes disruption in signaling across the body and across the pain centers. Morning stiffness, anxiety, irritable bowel symptoms, migraine, mood disorders, inflammation of the pelvic and painful bladder syndrome are some symptoms of the condition and mostly people are given physical therapies, advised to regulate eating habits and use relaxation techniques e.g. yoga to improve the condition. Also, stress relief program and cognitive behavioral therapies can be employed to ease joint pain.

Natural Joint Pain Relief Products

Biological therapies include taking chemicals to inhibit immune system and adopting method to regulate mood. Stress and mood factors play a significant role in regulating such pains and study on 94 patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis found positive mood and stress relieving activities was able to reduce pain by 28 percent. Asthisanhar, one of the joint support supplements, contains phyto chemicals which can promote bone setting and treat bone fracture. Study on athletes found its regular intake was able to reduce joint pain and had muscle relaxing properties to ease joint pain. Oral intake of the herb could successfully reduce pain in men due to heavy exercising.

Study show the isolated herb Asthisanhar is able to reduce the level of H2O2 mediated oxidative damage and the intake of the herb increases the antioxidant enzymes and eNOS (Endothelial NOS) activities in humans. This has fat reducing properties and studies on humans claim it could successfully control appetite and regulate food intake – this could help people suffering from joint pain due to obesity. There are various other studies which support its use in joint relief cures as the intake of herb can increase collagen synthesis in the joints. The study on exercise trained men who were suffering from chronic joint pain, given a dose of 3200 mg of the herb for 8 weeks found the reduction in the level of pain was by at least 31 percent – which includes the joint and impairment relief. Rumacure capsules and Rumacure oil, herbal treatment for joint and muscle pain, can be used to relax tissues to increase bone strength and it contains these herbs.

The herb Colchicum Inteum in these herbal remedies to relieve muscle stiffness has anti-rheumatoid properties. The herb was tested on 50 humans suffering from rheumatoid arthritis where it showed positive laboratory tests regarding the ailment which included the C – reactive proteins, white cell count, platelet count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and anti-mitochondrial antibodies, etc. The intake of herb was able to control inflammation and reduce symptoms of the problem effectively.

Balsamodendron Mukul in the herbal remedies to relieve muscle stiffness – Rumacure capsules and Rumacure oil – traditionally, known as Laksha Guggul, is used to control rheumatoid arthritis where it could ease joint pain, morning sickness, intestinal disorders, cholesterol levels, triglycerides and its regulated dose could help in increasing the level of leucocytes and stimulate phagocytes.

Pinctada margaritifera is pearl extract and this is also used in the preparation of the remedy to get rid of acne scars – as it softens tissues and enhances glow of the skin.


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