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Herbal Treatment For Hair Loss To Reduce Dandruff At Home Effectively

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Herbal treatment for hair loss is gaining popularity nowadays among men and women. Even though hair loss is something that is stated to be common in men, nowadays, there is an increasing trend among women as well.

Women are highly concerned about their looks as compared to men and so they generally worry a lot as compared to men when this problem starts. But, they are recommended to remember that stress can further increase the hair fall process. So, they should keep themselves away from stress. Among the many factors contributing towards hair fall in women, dandruff is identified as the major cause and they should first take steps to reduce dandruff at home if they have this skin-related health issue.

Herbal Hair Fall Control Treatment

What causes hair loss in women?

Even though certain causes of hair loss in women are similar to that of men like alopecia, there are also certain causes that are specific to the gender. Here are certain causes that are common and also gender-specific in women alone:

1. Broken hair due to pulling or physical twisting

2. Abnormalities in the hair shaft

3. Iron deficiency

4. Deficiency of vitamin B or Biotin

5. Syphilis

6. Skin diseases that lead to follicle scarring

7. Autoimmune disease

8. Chemotherapy or other radiation treatments

9. Temporary loss of hair due to illness, pregnancy or surgery

10. Thyroid disorders or hormonal imbalances.

As mentioned earlier, to reduce dandruff at home appropriate move should be taken. Even though the causes mentioned above can lead to small balding in certain spots, they can also cause gradual hair loss from the scalp. In the case of prolonged or severe hair loss, there are chances of complete baldness as generally seen in men. But, it is something that is less common in women. Irrespective of the cause behind hair fall, women are recommended to rely on herbal treatment for hair loss. This is what Hylix oil is all about.

An introduction to Hylix oil:

Not just to reduce dandruff at home, but also to control and entirely stop hair fall, women can rely on this herbal treatment for hair loss. It is completely safe to use and is also identified as an effective hair fall remedy. With the help of time-tested ingredients, this oil is known to bring time-tested results against dandruff and hair loss. Even though hair loss is something that is not life-threatening, the psychological effect connected with baldness forces many people to look for a safe remedy. In general, hairs fall when they are not held tightly by the scalp. This can occur due to the poor health of the scalp.

But, Hylix oil will improve the health of scalp and will keep the hair firmly rooted in such a way that fall can be prevented. This is why this oil is stated to be the effective herbal treatment for hair loss. Besides stopping hair fall, this oil will also trigger the healthy growth of strong hair. It will boost the healthy growth of hair even at bald spots, in such a way that women can get dense and long hair.


To reduce dandruff at home, men can also rely on this herbal hair loss remedy with healthy herbal ingredients. This herbal treatment for hair loss contains ingredients like amla, kalonji, bhringraj, mehendi, shikakai and neem.


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Aylward Morales is a passionate writer who has written numerous articles on topics concerning ayurvedic remedies for men health and women health. He writes informative articles on health-related issues and the use of natural health supplements.

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